Developing Novel CNS Therapeutics Through Innovative Design

Integrated Translational Approach Spans Early Discovery Through Clinicals

Long-Term Collaborations

Psy’s extensive and interconnected system of long-term collaborations provide us access to highly advanced and validated drug discovery and development capabilities. This strategic network increases our R&D productivity throughout the drug development process.

Lead Discovery

Target Prep Validation

Hit/Lead Identification

Lead Optimization

Medical Chemistry

Efficacy/Tox/ADME Screens

In-vivo Efficacy

Preclinical Development

API Production Formulation Studies

PK/ADME/In Vivo Studies Safety Studies

Clinical Trials

Phase I SAD MAD Studies

PET Imaging Target Occupancy Studies

Phase II Proof of Principle Studies

Foundational Partnerships

Our industry-leading partners share our commitment to changing the standard of CNS treatment and care. Providing critical resources, technology and expertise, these partnerships are essential to further advancing Psy’s robust pipeline.


X-Chem is a world-leader in DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening through their chemical library of over 200 billion molecules. X-Chem’s screens of Psy’s validated drug targets have generated novel chemical series and significantly accelerated our discovery of lead molecules.


Through comprehensive partnership with Psy, IntelliSyn applies its leading chemistry expertise in structure-based design and chem informatics to further enhance the safety, tolerability and efficacy profiles of our lead drug candidates.